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A legal option in an amicable divorce

The threshold of divorce can confront a person with fear and reservation if they do not know which step to take first. With the many legal options a Massachusetts citizen can choose, deciding the best route to take your family down may not be an easy one. Some people believe that collaborative family law may be a legal option in an amicable divorce worth looking into.

Child custody battle centers on medical marijuana

The vast majority of child custody battles that come before family courts are waged between parents who are struggling over the care and custody of their shared child or children. This is not always the case, however, as one recent news piece demonstrates. One family is fighting to regain child custody of their infant daughter, after the baby was removed from the home over issues surrounding the use of medical marijuana. The case serves as a sobering reminder that one's right to parent is not inviolable, in Massachusetts or elsewhere, even in the absence of divorce.

Important questions for a Massachusetts divorce attorney

When a Massachusetts spouse is considering filing for divorce, one of the first steps involves meeting with a divorce attorney. It is important to be able to sit down and go over the divorce process and what one's goals are for the outcome. Doing so can give the spouse a sense of what to expect. It also gives the attorney a good feel for the expectations and desires of the client, which can help him or her tailor a legal approach that suits those aims.

Property division choices can affect retirement options

For couples in Massachusetts who are at or nearing retirement age, the decision to divorce has different repercussions than those facing younger spouses. After the age of 50, retirement becomes a dominant factor in any significant financial decision, and divorce is no exception. Older spouses must make carefully considered property division choices when negotiating their divorce.

How to conquer your financial fears during divorce

Getting divorced can lead to a wide range of emotions but one of the most common emotions spouses go through is financial uncertainty and fear of what their single life will be like. Financial fears are not uncommon for those going through divorce, especially for spouses who did not handle paying the bills, creating a budget or making investments during the marriage. 

More women getting and staying divorced

Couples of all ages get divorced every year in Massachusetts but couples over the age of 50 have the highest divorce rate in the country. Over the last few decades, more baby boomers are ending their marriages, which has led to an increase in divorced or separated women in the U.S. 

Divorce impacts child's relationship with parents

Divorce may have a greater impact on a child's relationship with their parents than previously thought. A new study reports that children feel less secure about their relationship with their parents the younger they are when their parents get divorced, according to the new study.

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