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Parenting time an important aspect of Massachusetts child custody

As Massachusetts parents move through divorce proceedings, they may wonder which of them can provide the healthiest environment for their children. Because parenting time is a concern for many parents who are separating, child custody terms may be a point of contention. However, if parents are able to keep the best interests of their children in mind, they may come to more amicable decisions.

Should shared parenting time after divorce be the new standard?

While there is nothing about divorce that is pleasant, custody battles may seem the worst of it all to parents. Figuring out what places children in the best situation is not always easy. In looking at all available options, parents and lawmakers in Massachusetts and elsewhere are questioning the current parenting time standards, and are trying to determine if any changes are necessary.

Massachusetts parenting time: every family has different needs

Studies are often conducted and findings frequently reported about a number of topics. The effects of child custody arrangements on children is one of them. Surely, this is a concern parents across the country and in Massachusetts have when planning for parenting time.

Military divorce has its own set of challenges

The divorce experience is difficult for anyone. Every couple is different, and every family's life has needs unique to their specific situation. While challenges will present in just about every divorce case, a couple who is working through a military divorce, whether in Massachusetts or elsewhere, may find certain decisions more difficult to make due to the complex life and schedule of the service member.

Can visitation via electronic means be included in custody plan?

Trying to figure out how post-divorce life will work in the midst of divorce proceedings is not an easy task. When children are involved, it can be particularly hard to create a custody plan that works best for everyone, without knowing exactly how things will change down the line. Life gets hectic, circumstances change and shuffling kids around may not always work as planned. While it can be tough to account for every issue that may come up regarding child custody, including the use of electronic devices as part of a custody agreement may help Massachusetts parents keep in contact with their children if other arrangements fall through, or if increased visitation time is desired.

Determining parenting time after divorce can be a challenge

There are a lot of issues that come up during and after divorce. For divorcing parents, living in Massachusetts or elsewhere, determining adequate parenting time can certainly be a challenge. Concerns about custody and/or visitation schedules may not be easily solved, but understanding the difference between custody and visitation rights can help couples come to agreements about what type of arrangement will work best for their families.

DIY or traditional divorce -- which is better?

When considering divorce, Massachusetts couples have a number of options at their disposal. As every situation is different, having options is generally considered a good thing; however, when it comes to divorce, not all options are created equal. While do-it-yourself divorces are becoming fairly popular, the settlements offered in these types of divorces can be lacking.

Is it okay to shred divorce paperwork?

The holiday season is almost over, and tax season is just around the corner. This also means that identity theft may be on the rise, and many Massachusetts residents usually choose to shred their personal documents. Apart from identity theft, a number of spouses do not want to review the documents again in the future. Many question whether ex-spouses should shred their divorce documents.

How divorce can have an impact on taxes

Many spouses who have made the decision to divorce would agree that it can be a difficult time. Most of the issues that are brought up among divorcing Massachusetts spouses are property division and child custody. It may be vital for spouses to understand that divorce can also have tax impacts.

Joint child custody unless the other parent is unfit

Once couples make the decision to divorce, they must get used to having a one-income household and figure out who will get custody of the children. This is usually a tough situation since Massachusetts parents are possibly faced with losing time with their children. Joint child custody allows both parents to be actively involved with the child and the decision-making.

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