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Will accusations of addiction affect the outcome of divorce?

According to a recent report, approximately 15 million Americans suffer from some sort of addiction. The majority of those are believed to overuse substances, such as alcohol and/or drugs, among various other things. This type of behavior is thought to be the cause of numerous divorces in Massachusetts and elsewhere. A person who is accused of addictive behaviors may find that his or her divorce settlement can be affected.

Massachusetts couples have a lot to do to get ready for divorce

Those in Massachusetts or elsewhere who are considering ending their marriages may feel overwhelmed by everything they must accomplish before papers are finally signed. The simple truth is that there is a lot to do in order to get ready for divorce. There is so much to accomplish that there are some things that may be easily overlooked.

Massachusetts divorce: Help leaving abusive relationships

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. As such, it seems appropriate to discuss Massachusetts laws regarding this issue. At the end of the day, abuse in the home is a serious concern, and those who are ready to leave such relationships may seek the assistance of divorce attorneys in order to discuss their options.

Massachusetts divorce: Victims of domestic violence have options

It is not uncommon for victims of domestic violence to feel there is little they can do to improve their situations. Those subjected to this type of behavior often believe that they do not deserve to be treated any better, but that is simply not true. Whether a person lives in Massachusetts or elsewhere, if married to an abusive partner, it is possible to gain protection and -- if desired -- leave the situation by seeking a separation or divorce.

How are frozen embryos treated during divorce property division?

Massachusetts couples who are working through a divorce will have numerous decisions to make in order to come to a fair settlement. Property division can be draining, especially if the items being fought over are somewhat out of the norm. A case that is currently underway on the opposite side of the country is one of these situations, as frozen embryos are the "property" in question. Fertility issues are a very sensitive subject, and determining how one's chance at having children is to be treated because a marriage is ending can be, understandably, difficult.

Who governs property division in a military divorce?

When military spouses in Massachusetts consider filing for divorce, they may be unsure of how military divorce differs from civilian divorce. However, divorce proceedings remain governed by state law regardless of the fact that one or both spouses are members of the military. Property division guidelines about retirement pay and a former spouse's entitlement to benefits are provided by federal law, and the division of marital assets is governed by state laws.

How will my business be treated if I divorce?

Business owners have a lot of concerns. Among those is what may happen to their businesses in the event of divorce. The truth is, divorce can hurt a business if the right steps are not taken to protect it. As the entrepreneurial spirit has hit numerous individuals in Massachusetts, this concern is certainly wide-spread.

Divorce and the family-owned business: a concern for many couples

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Massachusetts and all across the country. Many married couples are embarking on business ventures together. Unfortunately, even if a business is performing well, divorce happens, and soon-to-be ex-spouses may wonder how a divorce will affect the future of their business.

Rabbi's trial raises awareness of Jewish divorce issue

Many Massachusetts readers are aware of a high-profile criminal case in which a rabbi is accused of attempted kidnapping. Far fewer understand the complex divorce issues that are embroiled within the matter, however. The case has helped raise awareness about the particular challenges that orthodox Jewish women face when seeking a divorce.

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