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Getting a divorce later in life can drastically impact finances

The dissolution of marriage at any age, for those in Massachusetts or elsewhere, can be emotionally and financially challenging. Unfortunately, for one who gets a divorce later in life, the impact on finances can be particularly drastic. For this reason, seeking the best possible settlement terms is in one's best interests.

What to do after being served divorce papers?

Whether one resides in Massachusetts or elsewhere, being served dissolution of marriage papers can be an emotional and trying experience. Some individuals may know it is coming and others may be blindsided. In either case, the steps taken after divorce papers are served can greatly affect one's final settlement and future financial standing.

Surviving a military divorce

Regardless of where one lives or what one's personal circumstances are, divorce is difficult. There is no easy way around it. For those in Massachusetts who are dealing with a military divorce in particular, surviving the process may feel nearly impossible. However, with help, getting through it as swiftly and smoothly as possible can be a reality.

Timing matters when filing for divorce

When one is ready to get out of his or her marriage, the urge to pull the trigger right away can be pretty strong. However, mistakes may be made when rushing to get it done. Whether one lives in Massachusetts or elsewhere, timing and strategic planning matter when it comes to filing for divorce.

Preparing for divorce court in Massachusetts

Working through a divorce out of court is certainly ideal and something that all couples hope to achieve. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. For one reason or another, going to divorce court is sometimes a necessity and that is okay. With legal assistance, divorcing couples in Massachusetts can get through their court proceedings and finalize their settlements as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Things happen that may sideline divorce progress

One woman recently shared her divorce story and how the progress was sidelined by her husband's health issues. This type of situation is one that could affect any couple in Massachusetts or elsewhere. If it does, it is okay to take a break and get back to the divorce process when ready.

Getting a divorce? Things to think about

Divorce is rarely, if ever, an easy thing to go through. Unfortunately, divorce is something that is said to affect nearly half of all married couples. Those in Massachusetts and elsewhere who are considering or already in the process of dissolving their marriages will have a lot of things to think about and take care of before their cases can be completed.

Should you wait until after the holidays to file for divorce?

For couples in Massachusetts whose marriages are falling apart, trying to decide when to end their relationships can, understandably, be difficult. This is particularly true during the holiday season. During a time that is supposed to be about joy and family, talking about divorce can be sad and stressful -- something most people do not want to deal with at this time of year.

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