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Child custody dispute results in criminal charges

A grandmother, mother and several of their family and friends were recently arrested following a custody dispute. These individuals have been accused of interfering with a child custody order after they took a young girl from her father. While this case occurred in another state, it is a situation that could easily occur in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts child custody -- when a judge gets the final say

There are times when parents cannot always agree on what is best for their children. This is particularly true for those who are dealing with the emotional issues tied to divorce. Problems with determining child custody matters do occur quite frequently. While there are some parents who can successfully talk through disagreements and come to agreeable solutions, other parents in Massachusetts and elsewhere may have to depend on the court to finalize custody arrangements.

Fighting for parenting time? Help is available.

Family courts in Massachusetts see some pretty tense moments when it comes to child custody. Trying to figure out what is best for children is not always easy, as each parent may have a different definition of best. This makes custody cases rather contentious and can give some parents the feeling that they are fighting losing battles. Those who want to fight for a fair amount of parenting time can do so -- with the right help.

When it comes to child custody, what does physical custody mean?

After divorce or separation, it can be difficult to determine how great a role each parent will get to play in the lives of his or her children. For parents in Massachusetts and elsewhere, the topic of child custody can be quite contentious. This is especially true when trying to figure out how physical custody will be handled.

Child custody needs are different for every family

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to custody situations. Every family has unique needs that will have to be addressed when determining or modifying child custody orders. For this reason, parents in Massachusetts have several options available to them when figuring out custody arrangements that will be in their best interests.

Massachusetts considering changing child custody laws

Massachusetts is one of many states that is considering changing child custody laws. As it currently stands, child custody laws tend to favor mothers' rights as opposed to fathers' rights. This is something that many fathers in the state have expressed concerns about and would like to see addressed.

Child custody and co-parenting is not without its problems

Sharing children after a divorce is finalized can be a difficult task. There are those couples in Massachusetts and elsewhere who can do it calmly and without many issues, but there are others who -- no matter what they try -- only end up fighting. The truth is that co-parenting and other child custody issues is not without problems for most families.

Seek child custody modifications rather than defy current orders

When dealing with child custody matters, situations can get somewhat intense. Parents may not always agree, and non-custodial parents may not always feel they should be kept from their children. Unfortunately, numerous parents in Massachusetts and elsewhere have dealt with child custody enforcement issues in their own ways. At the end of the day, seeking a modification of a custody order would be in one's best interests as opposed to simply defying the current order.

Communicating parenting time and custody issues can be difficult

Co-parenting after a divorce is not necessarily easy. There are those couples who can handle it gracefully and are able to communicate without issue or argument, but there are also those who, no matter how nice they try to be, always end up fighting. No one wants to spend years of their life fighting with an ex-spouse about their children. To help prevent conflict, parents in Massachusetts or elsewhere can have specific instructions included in custody orders about how to communicate with regard to parenting time or custody issues.

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