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Domestic violence is not always about physical abuse

Unfortunately, there are many men and women in abusive relationships, here in Massachusetts and across the country. When thinking about domestic violence situations, most tend to consider the physical side of abuse; however, not all abusive relationships have a physical component. There are multiple ways an abuser may choose to exhibit his or her power and control. Those experiencing any form of domestic violence need to know that they are not alone and help is available.

What kind of restraining orders are available in Massachusetts?

Domestic violence is a significant problem across the country. Unfortunately, residents of Massachusetts are not immune from it. For those who are in abusive relationships, assistance is available to anyone who is ready escape it and move forward. Restraining orders can help end the violence and hold abusers accountable for their behavior.

Mortgage concerns affect many divorcing couples in Massachusetts

There is no doubt about it, working through the ins and outs of a divorce can be a challenging task. Financial concerns, custody issues and figuring out how to divide property are subjects which are often difficult to broach. For many divorcing couples in Massachusetts, concerns about shared real estate, in particular, can create a lot of tension -- especially if an underwater mortgage is involved.

Massachusetts property: To sell or not to sell the marital home

Massachusetts couples going through divorce proceedings are faced with a lot of issues that have to be worked out. Property division, in particular, can be an area that creates a lot of tension during litigation and can lengthen the time it takes to finalize a divorce agreement, if the couple can't come to terms they are both satisfied with. While some small things may be easy to pick through and divide, deciding what to do with bigger ticket items, such as the marital home, can take a little more negotiation.

Easily forgotten assets during property division

When Massachusetts spouses are going through a divorce, it can be easy to let minor details escape one's notice. However, in regard to the process of property division one can never be too cautious. It is easy to overlook certain types of assets, and leave those items out of the negotiation process. Such assets can quickly add up, however, and should be included in the final divorce settlement.

Unfair property division? Invest in stocks

Massachusetts residents know that divorce is the way out of an unhappy marriage. Unfortunately, for most, property division is more often than not split down the middle. This could leave one struggling financially, but financial advisors can provide hope for these people. Taking stock with your divorce settlement funds can actually provide income.

What happens to the house after divorce in Massachusetts?

Going through a divorce can be complicated with everything that has to be negotiated and divided between the couple. When you add a mortgage to the mix, the divorce process and property division process can become more complex when deciding what should happen to the family home.

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