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How can I get spousal support?

When working through a divorce, having questions is inevitable. Every divorce is unique, and the questions and concerns that arise will not be the same for everyone. However, there are a few issues that will affect numerous Massachusetts couples. One of these issues could pertain to spousal support.

Spouses may finalize divorce in as little as 1 day

The divorce process can come with multiple trips to the courtroom and can also be frustrating. Hours are usually spent filling out mounds of court documents and years are spent in and out of court. Massachusetts spouses may want to learn about a one-day-divorce program that is currently available in another state.

Finding balance in a late-life divorce

The rise in late-life divorce filings has been widely reported, both here and within the greater media. As more and more older couples in Massachusetts seek to end their marriages, those who provide divorce services have created customized advice for reaching the most favorable divorce outcomes. Spouses who are at or nearing retirement age should pay close attention to this advice, and make every effort to move forward with a high degree of financial security.

Revisiting state's spousal support law and how it's terminated

A number of former spouses receive alimony on a monthly basis, typically based upon how long their marriage lasted and financial need. Many Massachusetts spouses are aware that spousal support is a certain amount of money paid from one spouse to the other following a divorce. However, there are reasons why alimony may be terminated or decreased if a spouse is living with someone.

Massachusetts laws on spousal support

A number of former spouses receive alimony or some form of payment on a monthly basis. Spousal support is a certain amount of money paid out to ex spouses following a divorce.  In some areas, those who are paying spousal support may get stuck supporting the other spouse for years. As of 2011, Massachusetts prohibited permanent alimony and now adheres to certain guidelines.

Tea Leoni and David Duchovny's divorce includes child support

Deep Impact star Tea Leoni and Californication star David Duchovny filed for divorce in the recent months. Many Massachusetts fans may also remember Duchovny from other shows such as the X-Files. Now, the couple’s divorce and child custody matters have been finalized.

Spousal support reform a trend in Massachusetts and other states

Massachusetts was one of the first states to enact alimony reform to make paying for spousal support more predictable and fair. Paying alimony would be more like paying child support, which would be based on length of marriage and measurable factors instead of differences in amounts and duration with the old approach. This spousal support reform movement has been sweeping the country from Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey to Colorado.

A legal option in an amicable divorce

The threshold of divorce can confront a person with fear and reservation if they do not know which step to take first. With the many legal options a Massachusetts citizen can choose, deciding the best route to take your family down may not be an easy one. Some people believe that collaborative family law may be a legal option in an amicable divorce worth looking into.

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