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Many people are leaving areas of Massachusetts and even the state due to the economy. People are on the hunt for better opportunities for their families and in some cases, this requires relocation. However, if a parent has custody over a child, it is important that the parent go through the proper legal process in order to have court approval to move with the child.

These cases are called removal or relocation and are confidently handled by our lawyers at the Roncone Law Offices, P.C. Focusing our attention on clients in Worcester, Fitchburg and Leominster, we help clients throughout all of the surrounding areas as well when they are faced with a relocation question or concern. If you have had a child in Massachusetts that the commonwealth has jurisdiction over, and are either divorcing or have never been married to the other parent of your child, our firm can assist you in seeking relocation or taking action to prevent it if you are the parent who does not have primary custody.

Do Not Wait Until The Last Minute

The procedures for obtaining court-approved child relocation take time. This means that if you are even remotely considering moving out of state, you should explore your options and obligations as soon as possible. Beginning the relocation process sooner will most likely allow you to move sooner.

Massachusetts Relocation Statute

The Massachusetts statute on relocation states: “A minor child of divorced parents who is a native of or has resided five years within this commonwealth and over whose custody and maintenance a probate court has jurisdiction shall not, if of suitable age to signify his consent, be removed out of this commonwealth without such consent, or, if under that age, without the consent of both parents, unless the court upon cause shown otherwise orders. The court, upon application of any person in behalf of such child, may require security and issue writs and processes to affect the purposes of this and the two preceding sections.”

Our firm fully understands the applications of this statute and related case law and can explain how it may affect your specific case. We also can deal with any other issues that affect relocation, such as alleged or suspected substance abuse and any involvement of the Department of Children and Families or what may be referred to as “Child Protective Services.”

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