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In Massachusetts, a custodial parent (where the children principally reside) is entitled to weekly child support from the noncustodial parent. The amount of child support is based upon a number of factors including the income of the parties, costs of child care, costs of health, dental and vision insurance. Child support is not an arbitrary amount. It is based upon the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines. With some exceptions, Probate and Family Court judges rarely stray from the guidelines. The child support guidelines were recently updated effective January of 2009.

If you are the custodial parent of minor children, the noncustodial parent should be paying you child support. If you are not receiving adequate child support or your support has not been recently calculated, you should contact an experienced Massachusetts child support attorney at the Roncone Law Offices, P.C.

If you are the noncustodial parent and you believe you may be paying too much for child support or your child support payment has not been updated recently, you should contact an experienced Massachusetts child support attorney at the Roncone Law Offices, P.C.

Resolving Child Custody Disputes

Child support disputes can be highly contentious between divorced parents. Often, enforcement actions are necessary to ensure continuing support when one party refuses or fails to pay child support. In today’s economic climate, it is more important than ever to ensure continuing child support to assist with the expenses related to caring for children. Sometimes, however, child support can be grossly inadequate as well as unfairly high.

If you are having problems collecting, paying, establishing or enforcing a Massachusetts child support payment or obligation as the primary custodial parent or noncustodial parent, you need to contact an experienced Worcester County child support lawyer at the Roncone Law Offices, P.C.

Wide Variety Of Child Support Legal Services

Our firm can handle a variety of child support disputes including:

  • Paternity actions
  • Contempt actions to collect unpaid child support
  • Overpayment of child support
  • Out-of-state enforcement
  • Modification of child support orders
  • Enforcement of child support orders
  • Review of existing child support orders
  • Calculation of child support obligations based on new Child Support Guidelines.
  • How child support is affected by joint custody arrangements.

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