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How to manage the sale of a house during a divorce

Moving, making a major financial decision and splitting from a spouse are all stressful occasions on their own. But, for many separated and divorcing couples Massachusetts, all three happen around the same time. There are a few things people should expect when selling a house during a divorce, and there are some common challenges to navigate during this time.

Prenuptial agreement may have sped up divorce for Miley Cyrus

When a married couple here in Massachusetts decides to get divorced, they likely know that it isn't a simple process, even in the best of circumstances. For people who are wealthy or famous, divorce can be even more difficult as both parties try to determine a fair settlement under the scrutiny of the public. One thing that can help make the entire matter easier is if the couple had a prenuptial agreement. In the case of pop star Miley Cyrus and her ex-husband, movie star Liam Hemsworth, their prenup may have helped their divorce happen much more quickly than if they hadn't had that legal documentation to begin with.

Co-parenting after divorce when an ex-spouse is very difficult

While parents who part ways are ending their relationship with each other, likely most prefer, post-breakup, to find a way to co-parent the children that resulted from their union. As many Massachusetts residents know, co-parenting following divorce can be challenging, no matter the circumstances. An ex-spouse who is particularly difficult can make the experience that much harder. However, divorced parents who are dealing with a toxic ex-spouse are advised to commit themselves to always act in the best interests of the children and to maintain their personal integrity and sanity. People in this type of situation can also benefit from the following tips.

Financial tips for people remarrying after divorce

Many Massachusetts residents who have legally ended their marriage decide at some point to begin a union with a new partner. People who remarry following a divorce may encounter challenges around finances that are specific to a second marriage, particularly for older individuals who have accumulated some wealth. Although details may differ, newly married couples in this type of situation should take note of the following tips.

A pet-nup can help pet owners who divorce

Most Massachusetts residents know that when two people decide to separate, whether they are married or cohabiting, typically, some time is spent discussing how they will fairly divide a number of things: vehicles, homes, furniture, bank accounts, investments, parenting time, etc. However, many people may not realize that pet owners must also consider what to do with their furry friends when they divorce or end a cohabitation arrangement. Owners tend to view their pets as part of the family now more than ever before, prompting many people to prepare a pet-nup at the beginning of their romantic relationship.

Do grandparents have visitation rights in a divorce situation?

Typically, various people are affected by the end of a marriage, not only the couple involved, particularly if children are in the picture. Grandparents, especially, often have to endure an adjustment period during and following a divorce regarding access to grandchildren, and their visitation rights may even be in question. However, most Massachusetts residents would likely agree that the bond many children enjoy with their grandparents is important and certainly worthy of protection.

Maintain job productivity while managing the divorce process

Many Massachusetts residents find satisfaction in their job and pride themselves on maintaining a high level of productivity at work. However, bring divorce into the picture, and suddenly such a person may feel overwhelmed from the list of tasks he or she must now complete in addition to the usual work day. Experts offer a few tips to help divorcing people stay on track on the job while also successfully managing the challenges of the divorce process.

In case of divorce, business owners should consider a prenup

Most Massachusetts couples ending their marriage must endure the process of dividing marital assets, and these typically include property, bank accounts, vehicles, etc. However, some people also have a business to consider during divorce negotiations, which can provide extra challenges. If one or both parties started a business prior to the marriage, they are wise to craft a prenuptial agreement in the event the union dissolves. Without such a document, the business will likely be deemed marital property, and in that case, the court will decide how it is distributed -- unless, of course, the parties can come to an agreement between themselves.

Divorce often calls for change to retirement plan

Aside from suffering emotionally, many Massachusetts couples who are ending their legal union will also experience a difference in their financial status, as one household becomes two. In addition to having only one income to support themselves on a daily basis, many people find that divorce has significantly affected their retirement savings plan. However, to help ease the process of achieving financial independence, divorcing couples can benefit from the following advice.

Even after divorce, a few important actions must be taken

As any separated Massachusetts couple knows, typically, both parties are exhausted, emotionally, physically and sometimes financially, by the time their union is legally dissolved. Most people who have endured the divorce process probably felt that the final divorce decree spelled the end. However, in truth, divorced individuals need to be aware of the tasks they still need to deal with post-divorce.

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