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Additional child support information

Every child has a legal right to child support from their parents, whether financial, physical or both. Financial child support is that support that is awarded by a Massachusetts family court after parents separate, like through a divorce. This support can last until the child turns 18, or even until they are 20, if they are still attending high school, or longer in rare situations, like if one has a disabled child. And, this blog will go over some additional, common child support questions.

How does one request child support?

Of course parents can make an agreement between themselves, but that agreement must be approved by a judge. This is done through an “Application for Full Child Support Services” submitted to the local Department of Revenue office. The DOR can also help a parent locate an absent parent, determine paternity and enforce child support obligations.

How is child support received?

While the traditional form was by check, that is no longer an acceptable method of payment, unless one qualifies for an exemption. Instead, child support payments are deposited directly into the custodial parent’s bank account or loaded onto a Child Support Card account, like a debit card. This ensures accurate accounting and speedy payments.

These are just two common child support questions, but often clients have many, many more. Other than alimony, child support can be one of the most contested and litigated subjects in a divorce, and even after a child support order is received, it can be re-litigated repeatedly. This is why it is so important for Worcester, Massachusetts, residents to contact a family law attorney immediately when they think child support is owed.


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