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Financial expert might make property division easier

The dissolution of a marriage in Massachusetts can no doubt take a toll on individuals both financially and emotionally. The financial aspect of the divorce process can especially be challenging to navigate for those who have a large amount of assets to distribute. However, a financial analyst may help to make the property division process more palatable from the start.

Some financial analysts have special expertise in helping clients who are going through divorce. These analysts, known as certified divorce financial analysts, may provide advice regarding which assets to keep versus which ones to give up during the asset division process. Likewise, a financial analyst may offer guidance regarding how to deal with the splitting of various debts.

When making financial decisions during divorce, it is paramount that the divorcing parties keep the long term in mind, not just the short term. In the short run, keeping the family home may seem appealing for sentimental reasons. However, in the long run, the home may become a liability if he or she cannot cover the property taxes and other costs of the residence by himself or herself.

In addition to seeking the help of a financial professional, a divorcing individual would be wise to seek a family law attorney’s assistance as well. A divorce attorney in Massachusetts can help with making property division decisions along with decisions related to alimony, child custody and child support, for instance. The attorney will pursue the best outcome for his or her client given the circumstances surrounding the divorce.


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