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Driving allegedly texting causes fatal personal injury to cyclist

From the time texting became a commonly used method of communication, people have often heard warnings about the dangers of using a cellphone while operating a motor vehicle. Those who continue to do so not only risk the health and safety of themselves, passengers in their vehicle and other people on the road, but in most states, including Massachusetts, they are also breaking the law. Unfortunately, a recent incident resulted in the worst possible outcome when a woman who was allegedly texting while driving struck a family of cyclists, causing fatal personal injury to one of them.

The tragic incident happened in the afternoon when a 43-year-old woman driving her car collided with three cyclists. A 58-year-old man in the group was airlifted to a hospital, but sadly, he died the next morning. The other cyclists, the deceased victim’s 60-year-old wife and their 19-year-old son, also suffered injuries in the crash.

Reportedly, the driver who struck the group cooperated with investigators at the accident scene. Police recently announced they have filed charges against the woman, including motor vehicle homicide by negligent operation. She has also been charged with composing, sending or reading an electronic message and failing to stay within marked lanes.

All too often, people who fail to follow driving laws while behind the wheel pay the price in some way, and the consequences can be very serious, and even fatal, as unfortunately was the case here. Victims of such tragedies, or their surviving families, have options available to them within the civil justice system. A Massachusetts personal injury attorney can review individual case details and provide legal guidance moving forward.


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