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Getting through a high conflict divorce situation

When couples get married, they stand next to each other with every intention that they will be together for the rest of their lives. So, when Massachusetts couples find themselves in the throes of divorce, there might be some emotions that are running at high speed and that could include anger and hurt. Those volatile emotions could cause what experts term a high conflict or malignant divorce.

Luckily, most couples who divorce do so without being too hostile toward each other. Most can iron out issues regarding child support, child custody, spousal support, the division of assets and so on, without emotionally damaging themselves or their children. Yet, there are some couples whose situations are so tenuous, that any negotiation is marked by failure and litigation is almost a certainty.

Experts says different types of personalities come into play during high conflict divorce cases: the control freak, the victim, the avenger and the narcissist. A spouse who finds him or herself in such circumstances might do well to simply walk away from a spouse who refuses to negotiate at all costs and allow the court to make decisions for both spouses. Obtaining experienced legal counsel in these cases is a necessity.

A Massachusetts divorce attorney may be able to offer advice to a client involved in a high conflict divorce. A lawyer may be able to iron out a settlement on behalf of his or her client even when a former spouse is combative. Failing that, an attorney can help a client through litigated proceedings. 


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