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Essential employees facing child custody woes

Massachusetts parents may feel as if the past several weeks have been a whirlwind. Children that have parents that live separately may have had to adjust to a new schedule. Even families with court-ordered child custody schedules may have had to make some adjustments to accommodate school closings, varied employment hours, or illness. 

Nationwide, parents are being encouraged to work together for the sake of any children involved. Many parents are worried that children will be exposed to illness and have limited physical visitation, choosing to video chat instead to reduce the risk. A lot of parents are working from home or not working at all due to business closures, and since children are not at school, families are spending a lot of time in the home. 

Some parents face a new challenge regarding child custody. For many essential employees, like health care workers, another party is taking action to limit child custody or visitation during the pandemic. Even though courts are closed except for emergency matters, some people are filing emergency action to remove children from the homes of parents that have an increased risk of exposure due to their job. 

Though it’s always nice when two parents can agree among themselves what is best for a child in such stressful circumstances, this is not feasible for all families. A parent that is worried about emergency child custody action might want to contact a Massachusetts family law attorney. An attorney can communicate with a client securely and remotely to help establish, modify or enforce a child custody order when circumstances necessitate action. Parents want to protect their children and ensure that they are safe and happy during these trying times, and an attorney is often a valuable support system. 


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