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Dos and don’ts for supporting a friend going through a divorce

Ending a marriage is undoubtedly difficult on the couple in question, but it can also have a strong impact on family and close friends. While it can be tempting to offer advice or dig into Massachusetts family law research right away, it may be better for friends to provide moral support and avoid getting too close to the particulars of a breakup. Here are some pieces of advice for those looking to support a friend going through a divorce.

It is natural for someone going through a divorce to share emotions with loved ones. Sometimes, this might involve sharing negative feelings toward the soon-to-be ex. While friends should be supportive in these conversations, joining in on bashing a former spouse is often not the best strategy. Instead, experts recommend building up the friend, listening and validating their emotions. Chiming in with one’s own judgements and opinions can often deter from the process of working through feelings.

Pushing a friend to get back into the dating scene is also not advisable. While it is great to support someone if they would like to start dating again, there are many reasons someone may not do so right away. Playing matchmaker without being asked can seem pushy and hurtful to someone who is not prepared for this step.

Friends are an important source of emotional support for individuals going through a divorce. However, practical information about legal matters should be discussed with a professional rather than loved ones in order to maintain a clear understanding of options and pathways forward. Having a trusted Massachusetts family lawyer on hand is important in order to properly manage these important and often complicated issues. Friends, meanwhile, are a great source for companionship, self-esteem, and support in difficult moments.


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