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Certain jobs more correlated with divorce, study finds

Stress of any kind can put a strain on a marriage. However, according a study, certain particularly challenging careers may put some Massachusetts couples at higher risk for a divorce. This information has been gleaned by reviewing U.S. census data about career paths and marital statuses side by side.

According to the study, which based its findings on the 2015 American Community survey, came to the conclusion that certain jobs put people at higher risk for their marriages ending prematurely. Among those at higher risk are military supervisors, dancers, choreographers, bartenders and flight attendants. Researchers have come up with several theories about why this might be.

Frequent travel, they say, seems to be consistent with many of the higher-risk careers. But, it appears that being on the road is not the only challenge couples may face. Working opposite hours, or simply long hours, can also cause a strain. The question researchers are now asking, however, is whether the stress of the job causes the marital strain or, alternatively, if certain personality types tend to be attracted to these careers, making them appear risky.

In other words, researchers are working to clarify whether the relationship between jobs and divorce is a causal one. That said, it is undeniable from other studies that reduced work-life balanced and stress from a career can have a negative impact on marriages. Those who are career-focused can often find divorce particularly challenging as they struggle to maintain their professional life during personal upheaval. A Massachusetts lawyer is an important source of support to have for those who are ending a marriage in the state.


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