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How to manage the sale of a house during a divorce

Moving, making a major financial decision and splitting from a spouse are all stressful occasions on their own. But, for many separated and divorcing couples Massachusetts, all three happen around the same time. There are a few things people should expect when selling a house during a divorce, and there are some common challenges to navigate during this time.

It is common for one or both spouses in a divorce to want to keep the family home. However, there are many reasons this might not be possible. Financial constraints are a huge factor here, and coordinating things like changing over titles, or removing someone from a mortgage, can get in the way of a resolution where the home is not sold. As a result, many couples will choose to sell their shared home as part of the divorce. 

Real estate experts say that one of the biggest mistakes couples make when selling a home for this reason is mutually moving out while it is on the market. Furnished houses tend to be more attractive to prospective buyers. Those without budget to stage the home should consider one party remaining in the property until it sells.

Even those in a contentious divorce will need to do some communicating when selling a house. For example, both parties should agree upon the price range they are willing to accept for the home, as well as who will handle real estate fees, repairs, services and so on. It is a good idea to work through these issues with representation from a Massachusetts family lawyer to keep the conversation level-headed and protect oneself legally.


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