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Before child custody talks, decide how to present divorce to kids

It’s no secret that when parents choose to part ways, their kids can struggle to adjust to the new reality. One of the earliest challenges Massachusetts parents face when choosing to divorce is how to share the news with their children. Even if there are touchy debates on issues like child custody, support or property rights happening behind the scenes, children can benefit when parents are able to present a united front and not share too many of the conflict-ridden details when breaking this news.

Experts say that being straightforward, factual and gentle is the best tactic when speaking to children about a divorce. It is likely that the children will want to know the reason behind the breakup, so parents should be prepared to navigate this and other difficult questions. In all answers, be sure to avoid bringing them into adult issues and spare them the specifics. It is also important to make sure children know the divorce is not their fault.

Picking the right timing is important when sharing the news of a divorce with children. It is important to only let them know when it is completely determined that a divorce is in the cards. If it is only being considered, they should not be informed. Additionally, make sure that the news is shared on a less busy day and after activities are done, so they don’t have to rush to school or a practice right after hearing this life-altering news.

Caring for the emotional needs of children can be difficult when one is struggling through an emotional scenario themselves. It can help to have straightforward conversations with unbiased professionals early on in a divorce, so that issues such as child custody can be navigated as smoothly as possible. A Massachusetts lawyer should be one of the first calls made once the decision is made to part ways in order to ensure these matters are dealt with in a legally sound way and one’s interests are represented.


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