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Retirement plans may need adjusting following divorce

Going through a divorce can naturally disrupt the financial plans of just about anyone in these circumstances. This means that these individuals must also make adjustments to their retirement plans, especially if they are drawing closer to their retirement years. Here are some tips for restarting the retirement planning process after a divorce in Massachusetts.

To begin, individuals who are confronting divorce proceedings may want to scrutinize how much money they bring in and spend each month. This may help them to optimize their savings after the judgment is final. For instance, they should ideally pinpoint both their wants and their needs, then adjust their lifestyles accordingly. The right retirement plan can help a divorcing individual to still accomplish his or her retirement goals, either years or decades from now.

Following divorce, it’s a good idea to look at one’s retirement accounts each quarter. For one thing, the account beneficiaries should be reviewed to determine whether any changes need to be made. Developing an estate plan may also be a wise move for protecting one’s assets long term.

The divorce process often creates some monetary hurdles that may take a toll on a person’s financial status and retirement plan. However, a family law attorney in Massachusetts can help a divorcing individual to make wise decisions regarding whether to keep the marital home versus other assets following the divorce, for example. The attorney will help the client strive for an outcome that is in the best interests of the client given the circumstances surrounding the divorce proceedings.


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