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Prenuptial agreement may have sped up divorce for Miley Cyrus

When a married couple here in Massachusetts decides to get divorced, they likely know that it isn’t a simple process, even in the best of circumstances. For people who are wealthy or famous, divorce can be even more difficult as both parties try to determine a fair settlement under the scrutiny of the public. One thing that can help make the entire matter easier is if the couple had a prenuptial agreement. In the case of pop star Miley Cyrus and her ex-husband, movie star Liam Hemsworth, their prenup may have helped their divorce happen much more quickly than if they hadn’t had that legal documentation to begin with.

The couple dated for several years before finally getting married near the end of 2018. They decided to part ways in August of this year and their divorce was set to be finalized on Christmas Eve. Hemsworth is the one who filed for the divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

Experts say that the prenup the two had before tying the knot likely made the division of any assets much easier. The couple didn’t have any children together, though they did have a provision stating who would get their numerous pets. Both stars have been dating other people since their separation was announced, though they may not be considered single in the legal sense for a couple more months.

While famous people certainly have to deal with certain matters in divorce that others never will, the divorce of Cyrus and Hemsworth can still offer lessons to anyone getting married. The best thing for all parties may be to have a prenuptial agreement that clearly details exactly how a couple will handle their assets in the event of divorce. An experience family law attorney here in Massachusetts can assist anyone who wants to create a prenup, and also help those who want to get a divorce, whether or not a prenup was executed.


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