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Co-parenting after divorce when an ex-spouse is very difficult

While parents who part ways are ending their relationship with each other, likely most prefer, post-breakup, to find a way to co-parent the children that resulted from their union. As many Massachusetts residents know, co-parenting following divorce can be challenging, no matter the circumstances. An ex-spouse who is particularly difficult can make the experience that much harder. However, divorced parents who are dealing with a toxic ex-spouse are advised to commit themselves to always act in the best interests of the children and to maintain their personal integrity and sanity. People in this type of situation can also benefit from the following tips.

First, divorced individuals are wise to remember that they cannot change their ex-spouse, but they can control themselves and their own responses when buttons are pushed, as they inevitably will be during contact. It is helpful for people to note how the dynamic typically plays out when they interact with their ex-spouse, and then try to change the usual pattern to create a healthier dynamic. Divorced parents should also set clear boundaries around communication. For example, a person may set time parameters or limit the means of communication for discussing any parenting issues.

Divorced people with a challenging ex-spouse will benefit from also keeping their relationship business-like. Communication should be kept factual and pragmatic. In case proof is ever needed in a legal setting, people are also smart to keep a journal specifically for documenting all information about communication, including dates and times, support payments, etc. Divorced individuals who often endure the other parent disregarding boundaries or breaking agreements may consider consulting with their attorney to discuss modifying the existing parenting plan in a way that works better for everyone.

Many parents who have been through the divorce process can likely relate to the work and effort that is often required to successfully co-parent with an ex-spouse. Unfortunately, some people must operate within exceptionally difficult circumstances, making their goal to raise happy, healthy children that much more challenging. For professional guidance, many Massachusetts residents consult with an experienced family law attorney.


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