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Good Samaritan stops to help and suffers fatal personal injury

Most Massachusetts drivers, at one point or another, have passed the site of a car crash or a vehicle on the roadside accompanied by people in distress. Most people when passing this type of scene will empathize with those involved, but for any number of reasons, many individuals will still continue on their way. Others, however, will feel compelled to pull over and lend a hand in such situations. This seems to have been the case recently when a man pulled over to assist a family on an interstate highway in Raynham and suffered fatal personal injury.

The incident happened very early on a Friday morning. A man stopped to assist a family that was was stuck on the side of the highway. According to police, the family, who had been traveling in an SUV, had struck a deer and pulled over into the breakdown lane.

Reportedly, the 37-year-old good Samaritan got out of his truck after he had pulled over and was walking in the travel lane when a man in another vehicle struck him. Sadly, the man who had stopped to help was pronounced dead at the scene. Police have said that the 21-year-old driver of the car that hit him remained at the crash site following the incident. Apparently, no one else was hurt. Police are continuing to investigate.

Most Massachusetts residents will likely find this type of accident particularly tragic, since it appears the victim was in the place where he was struck only because he wanted to help a family in distress. Certainly, his own family must be experiencing not only feelings of grief and loss but also shock and disbelief that what began as an act of kindness ended so horrifically only moments later. Of course, nothing can bring their loved one back, but they may consider contacting an attorney experienced in personal injury law who can discuss their legal options going forward, including the possibility of a wrongful death lawsuit.


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