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Man struck by hit-and-run driver suffers fatal personal injury

Most Massachusetts residents can think of a time when they were standing on a roadside for one reason or another. Sometimes a tire needs to be changed, or a roadside door must be accessed to remove an item from the vehicle, or a person requires assistance of some sort. However, people who are in this position are especially vulnerable to passing traffic. On a recent Monday evening, a Methuen man was on the road directly outside his home when he was hit by a passing car and suffered fatal personal injury.

Reportedly, the 57-year-old man was standing next to a tow truck waiting for the driver to unload a vehicle. Unfortunately, he was struck by a passing vehicle. The truck driver stated that he saw the man fly through the air. The driver then called for help. Following the crash, the driver who hit the man fled from the scene.

According to police, sadly, the injured man died at the scene. By the next day, authorities had located a vehicle near the crash site that had sustained damage to the driver’s side front end and windshield. Investigators impounded the vehicle and sent it to be processed. They also asked people living near the accident scene to check their security cameras for a vehicle traveling on the street around the time of the incident.

Apparently, this man was simply trying to help a friend when he was killed by a driver who may not have been paying enough attention to the road ahead. His grieving family members are likely left wondering how such a tragedy could have happened so suddenly. In addition to emotional anguish, they may also be feeling the financial strain of the added expenses and monetary damages that tend to manifest following such unexpected incidents. A Massachusetts attorney experienced in personal injury law could help those facing similar circumstances by assessing their cases and help them to understand their legal options.


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