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After divorce, co-parenting can be challenging

The divorce process can be difficult, but when the divorce decree is finally granted, many individuals still encounter challenging situations, sometimes for years to come. Many Massachusetts parents who have been through divorce know that they tend to face even more obstacles as they attempt to navigate the intricacies of co-parenting their child(ren), and when ex-partners have a less than amicable relationship, the parenting years can be particularly difficult. However, an expert offers some tips to help insure children enjoy happy, healthy childhoods regardless of their parents’ relationship.

First and foremost, co-parenting divorced people should always remember their commitment to their kids and focus on that instead of holding on to old hurt feelings and resentment toward each other. Parents in this type of situation should also hold realistic expectations regarding an ex-spouse. Ex-partners who feel they simply cannot interact amicably when transferring the children may consider using a neutral third party and location to do so. To minimize direct contact with the ex-spouse and to stay organized when kids are shifting between two households, divorced parents can also look into using online communication tools, such as a custody calendar and a digital expense tracker.

Regardless of how a person feels about his or her ex-partner, it is very important for both parents and children to avoid negative talk about the other parent, even if doing so may be difficult in some cases. Divorced parents are also wise to remember that their relationship with their ex-spouse, no matter how hostile, is separate from the child’s relationship with each parent. Children of divorced parents are entitled to a healthy relationship with both parents, even if the parents would rather not see or speak to each other.

Divorced parents, even those with a less than amicable relationship, simply want what is best for their children, and so most would like to find a way to effectively co-parent, if at all possible. However, with all the other challenges that come with the divorce process and beyond, putting intentions into practice can prove difficult. Many divorcing couples in Massachusetts turn to an experienced family law attorney for professional guidance.


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