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October 2019 Archives

A pet-nup can help pet owners who divorce

Most Massachusetts residents know that when two people decide to separate, whether they are married or cohabiting, typically, some time is spent discussing how they will fairly divide a number of things: vehicles, homes, furniture, bank accounts, investments, parenting time, etc. However, many people may not realize that pet owners must also consider what to do with their furry friends when they divorce or end a cohabitation arrangement. Owners tend to view their pets as part of the family now more than ever before, prompting many people to prepare a pet-nup at the beginning of their romantic relationship.

Man struck by hit-and-run driver suffers fatal personal injury

Most Massachusetts residents can think of a time when they were standing on a roadside for one reason or another. Sometimes a tire needs to be changed, or a roadside door must be accessed to remove an item from the vehicle, or a person requires assistance of some sort. However, people who are in this position are especially vulnerable to passing traffic. On a recent Monday evening, a Methuen man was on the road directly outside his home when he was hit by a passing car and suffered fatal personal injury.

After divorce, co-parenting can be challenging

The divorce process can be difficult, but when the divorce decree is finally granted, many individuals still encounter challenging situations, sometimes for years to come. Many Massachusetts parents who have been through divorce know that they tend to face even more obstacles as they attempt to navigate the intricacies of co-parenting their child(ren), and when ex-partners have a less than amicable relationship, the parenting years can be particularly difficult. However, an expert offers some tips to help insure children enjoy happy, healthy childhoods regardless of their parents' relationship.

Advice on coping with divorce

It goes without saying that ending a marriage is rarely easy. But, according to statistics, nearly half of all marriages in the United States will end in divorce. In some cases, separation is mutual. In other cases, however, it can come as a complete surprise. Here are a few tips to help individuals in Massachusetts cope with a divorce.

Do grandparents have visitation rights in a divorce situation?

Typically, various people are affected by the end of a marriage, not only the couple involved, particularly if children are in the picture. Grandparents, especially, often have to endure an adjustment period during and following a divorce regarding access to grandchildren, and their visitation rights may even be in question. However, most Massachusetts residents would likely agree that the bond many children enjoy with their grandparents is important and certainly worthy of protection.

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