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Van strikes woman and causes fatal personal injury

No doubt, city planners in any urban area invest a great deal of time and effort in the structure of roadways, traffic lights, etc. However, even so, some intersections, in Massachusetts and elsewhere, present potential danger to pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. This seems to be the case at an intersection in South Boston where a young woman was struck at a crosswalk and suffered fatal personal injury.

The incident happened on a recent Wednesday evening. According to Boston police, a man and a woman, both in their 20s or 30s, were in the crosswalk when a van struck them. Both victims were transported to the hospital with serious injuries. The woman died in hospital the following day, and the man remains in hospital with injuries not considered life-threatening. The van driver remained on scene, and authorities continue to investigate.

People who work near the crash site have expressed concern about the dangerous aspects of that particular intersection. Reportedly, at least six motor vehicle accidents have happened there in the last three years. Apparently, the traffic light system results in pedestrians crossing the road while vehicles are beginning to turn left onto the road. Drivers coming around the corner may have difficulty seeing people already in the crosswalk, especially if the vehicle is traveling at a high speed. Boston’s mayor has said the city already has plans to improve safety at the intersection.

Unfortunately, accidents involving pedestrians and motor vehicles are not uncommon in any urban area. People are especially vulnerable when they are crossing busy roads, even if they have the right of way. In this instance, sadly, a woman died, and her grieving family is likely wondering how such a horrific event could have happened so quickly and at a crosswalk, supposedly a safe place for pedestrians. Often, Massachusetts residents who experience this type of tragedy turn to an attorney with experience in personal injury who can apprise them of their legal options.


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