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Maintain job productivity while managing the divorce process

Many Massachusetts residents find satisfaction in their job and pride themselves on maintaining a high level of productivity at work. However, bring divorce into the picture, and suddenly such a person may feel overwhelmed from the list of tasks he or she must now complete in addition to the usual work day. Experts offer a few tips to help divorcing people stay on track on the job while also successfully managing the challenges of the divorce process.

Firstly, divorcing individuals are wise to keep the various aspects of their divorce separate from their workplace, with the exception of having to collect any work documents necessary for the process. However, divorcing people do need a strong emotional support system outside of work, as well as effective and readily accessible legal counsel. In addition, practically speaking, a person who is cooperative and realistic when dealing with his or her ex-spouse will likely minimize the time involved in attending court appearances, completing legal paperwork, etc., which translates to less time away from work.

Experts also suggest divorcing people devote a specific portion of their work day to dealing with divorce matters, which typically need to be addressed in a timely manner during working hours. As well, maintaining separate work and personal email accounts will prevent distractions caused by personal (divorce-related) emails during the workday. To ease access and save valuable time, people should also have a secure folder on their computer specifically for divorce-related documents. Finally, a divorcing person can prevent lowered productivity due to unmet business obligations by informing his or her attorney as soon as possible of any important work meetings or travel plans that cannot be missed.

Because the divorce process offers many practical and emotional challenges, people in this position can easily become distracted, and for some, this could lead to a setback in their career. However, employing a few strategies can help a divorcing person maintain control. Many Massachusetts couples rely on an experienced family law attorney to guide them through the various legal aspects of ending their marriage.


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