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Know the facts about divorce before making a decision

No one really wants to endure the emotional pain and stress involved in ending a marriage, not to mention the financial strain. However, for some couples, divorce is the best option. Even people who know this for a fact may put off making the first move because they are influenced by some of the common myths about divorce. Here are the facts around some of the common misconceptions about separation and divorce.

For one, many people wrongly assume that maintaining a bank account separate from their spouse ensures that their finances are separate, but this is not usually the case. Massachusetts, like many other states, considers all money earned during the marriage as marital property, and as such, a court will determine a fair division of assets. Also, some people assume that in a custody battle, the court will automatically grant custody of the children to the mother. In fact, although other factors may be considered, the court will make this decision based on the best interests of the children, so if the father has been acting as the main caretaker, he will often be granted custody.

People may also assume the court will grant alimony to the woman in a divorcing couple. However, today, many women may earn more than their spouses, and so some men will be the recipient of alimony. Another assumption around divorce is that one party is completely at fault. In reality, in most cases, both parties are partially responsible for the dissolution of their marriage, and those who take ownership of their part in the breakup are less likely to repeat the same mistakes in subsequent relationships.

People who are considering ending their marriage are better off learning the facts about what may really happen during the divorce process and beyond instead of paying heed to the many myths they may hear. Individuals who have access to accurate information can then make an informed decision about their marriage. Many divorcing Massachusetts couples may feel overwhelmed by the volume of information they must sort through and the decisions they must make during this time. An experienced family law attorney can be a valuable resource in navigating what can be a challenging process.


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