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Getting compensation for a personal injury in Massachusetts

Getting hurt may affect a person’s life in more ways than one. Massachusetts residents who have suffered a personal injury have some recourse and rights when it comes to pursuing compensation for those injuries. Those who may have been injured may be affected in many ways, including pain and suffering and loss of income due to the injury.

Suffering an injury may have a negative impact in a lot of respects, but those who seek compensation should know that there is usually a statute of limitations when it comes to filing a claim. In Massachusetts, a person typically has three years from the date of the accident to begin a lawsuit. Those who have been injured should be mindful of doing certain things before launching a claim.

In addition to amassing as much evidence regarding the incident as possible, an injured person should also seek medical help and get physician documents that attest to the injury. He or she should also chronicle how the injury is likely to affect his or her future, including the ability to earn a living as well as what his or her own insurance might cover. The individual should also speak to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.  

When someone else’s negligence has caused an individual harm, the injured person has a right to speak with a lawyer. A Massachusetts lawyer experienced in personal injury law may be able to help an injured client to fight for his or her rights — for financial compensation and for mental health after having suffered an injury. Getting hurt affects not only the individual, but also his or her family and perhaps their day-to-day lives.


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