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Jogger suffers fatal personal injury in hit-and-run

Many people jog as a regular form of exercise. While getting a good workout, joggers can also enjoy their surroundings, as the sport can happen just about anywhere: on city streets, designated trails or country roads. However, joggers whose routes take them through urban areas need to be extra cautious, as they are usually sharing space with motor vehicles. Unfortunately, a Massachusetts jogger suffered fatal personal injuryin a hit-and-run accident in Sutton.

According to police, a woman found the 51-year-old man dead on her front lawn early on a recent Wednesday morning. Security cameras at a neighbor’s home reveal a person running toward the scene of the accident more than an hour earlier, as well as several vehicles. Witnesses have said they found plastic and debris, including a sock, littering the surrounding area.  Authorities have said they are searching for a white SUV with a damaged passenger side.

The victim’s family has issued a statement saying that the man died while he was enjoying one of his favorite activities. In fact, he had recently achieved his dream of running in the Paris marathon. Police and witnesses have expressed disbelief that someone could leave an accident scene knowing they had struck someone. Authorities continue to investigate the incident.

Although there are many reasons why tragedies such as this happen, under any circumstances, fleeing an accident scene is unconscionable. When authorities track down the suspect, they may conclude that reckless behavior on the part of the driver caused this man’s death. In that case, the victim’s family may consider contacting a personal injury lawyer to discuss legal options, including pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit through Massachusetts civil court.


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