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Co-parenting involves sharing parenting time equitably

As any divorced person knows, the process leading up to the granting of the final divorce decree, although necessary, is often fraught with challenges. Divorcing Massachusetts residents who are parents also understand that, during the separation period and following divorce, parenting time becomes precious. Often, divorcing parents choose to co-parent their child or children and manage to create an amicable arrangement that can allow children to thrive in a stable environment rather than suffer the negative effects of their parents’ decision. Parents who have chosen this route can benefit from a few co-parenting rules.

Firstly, each parent should maintain an environment of positivity with regard to the other parent, even if this is very difficult to do. If a child hears bad things from one parent about the other, he or she may internalize the information, which can result in alienation. Co-parenting moms and dads should also work together to negotiate consistent methods of discipline in each home. Children who are exposed to inconsistencies between households may become confused, sometimes leading to problem behaviors. As well, parents are smart to maintain consistent routines in each household.

Although consistency is important, divorced parents should also realize the value of being flexible and sometimes compromising, as unexpected events likely will occur. As well, co-parenting individuals are advised to work out an equitable custody arrangement that allows them to share both weekend leisure time and weekdays with their child. Divorced parents should also engage in healthy communication, as this will provide their children a good example of communicating in adverse situations.

Likely, most people who have made the difficult decision to end their marriage encounter some stressful times, during the divorce process and beyond. Those who are also parents often encounter additional challenges, especially if they have chosen to share parenting time. Many separated Massachusetts residents find an experienced family law attorney an important resource to help them effectively navigate the divorce process, including making decisions around co-parenting.


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