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Pedestrian in crosswalk hit and suffers fatal personal injury

All drivers have the potential to become involved in an accident at some point while they are out and about in their vehicles, whether through their own fault or someone else. However, while some drivers’ immediate reaction would be to stop and render aid or at least to contact emergency services, others may respond by fleeing the scene. Recently, a Massachusetts driver who hit a pedestrian and caused a fatal personal injury provided an example of the latter.

The horrific incident happened on a Saturday evening. The 64-year-old male driver hit the pedestrian while, reportedly, she was in a crosswalk. The 52-year-old victim was transported to a Boston hospital where she was later pronounced dead. A witness has said he heard a loud noise, and when he turned around he saw the driver stop his vehicle for a few seconds and put his head in his hands before continuing along the road.

The driver turned himself in the following morning. He was then booked into the local police barracks, held on $1,000 cash bail, and now faces charges of leaving the scene of a crash causing personal injury or death, as well as a crosswalk violation. State police continue to investigate the crash.

The collision, as well as the driver’s immediate reaction of fleeing the scene could have happened for any of a number of reasons. However, the fact remains that a woman is dead, and her family is most certainly working their way through the grieving process. They are, no doubt, suffering emotionally, but they will likely also face unexpected costs as a result of their loss, such as funeral expenses and lost future income. Many Massachusetts residents in such a position seek legal guidance from an experienced personal injury attorney. A wrongful death lawsuit filed in civil court, if successfully litigated, could help survivors recoup monetary losses.


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