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Speeding vehicle results in fatal personal injury for woman

It’s a scene played out in Massachusetts and all over the country, likely on any given day. A group of young people are out for an evening of good times that sometimes involves a thrill-inducing drive through city streets. This may have been what was happening on a Boston street when a horrific car crash resulted in fatal personal injury for one woman and serious injury for another woman.

The incident happened early in May on an East Boston street. The 22-year-old man arrested in connection with the crash recently returned to district court for the first time since the accident. According to prosecutors, the man had been driving at a high rate of speed in the very early hours of a Sunday morning when his vehicle hit several parked cars, then the center median and ended upside down.

One of the passengers, a female college student from another state, died at the scene. Reportedly, a second passenger suffered serious injuries but survived the crash. Sources have said the victims were friends and that the woman who did not survive was in town visiting the injured woman. Apparently, immediately following the crash, the accused fled the scene and was not present when authorities arrived, although police eventually found him at a local hospital.

The accused man has now been indicted on vehicle homicide charges. More importantly, a young woman with her whole life ahead of her is dead, and another woman is left with serious injuries that could significantly affect her future. The victims’ families may consider consulting with an experienced Massachusetts personal injury lawyer to discuss the possibility of a civil lawsuit. Some people in this type of situation find comfort in the knowledge that they will be compensated for some of the unexpected expenses and related monetary damages that tend to occur at such times.


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