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Even after divorce, a few important actions must be taken

As any separated Massachusetts couple knows, typically, both parties are exhausted, emotionally, physically and sometimes financially, by the time their union is legally dissolved. Most people who have endured the divorce process probably felt that the final divorce decree spelled the end. However, in truth, divorced individuals need to be aware of the tasks they still need to deal with post-divorce.

For one, divorced people may need to adjust their medical insurance. For example, if they were included on their spouse’s medical insurance, they need to secure their own insurance. As well, if a divorced person is changing his or her name post-divorce, he or she needs to remember all places in which the name must be changed, and the process usually requires a certified copy of the divorce judgment. In addition, after a split, both parties should change all passwords on digital websites, etc. Ideally, new passwords should be quite different from the ones used in the past.

Divorced individuals also need to split financially. For example, if joint accounts exist, each party should open an individual account and transfer his or her share of the joint assets into the new account. In addition, all non-retirement assets (such as brokerage accounts, property, etc.) should be retitled. For retirement accounts other than an IRA, typically, a divorced person must obtain a QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Order) in order to split the account; an attorney usually creates this document. In the case of an IRA, a person can usually obtain the required paperwork directly from the custodian, and a copy of the divorce decree may be required in this case.

Most divorced or divorcing individuals will likely feel overwhelmed by the additional work that needs to be done even after the emotional turmoil they have already experienced while going through the process of ending their marriage. However, people in this situation are wise to complete this additional necessary paperwork in a timely fashion. For professional guidance during and following the divorce process, many Massachusetts couples turn to an experienced family law attorney.


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