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Head-on collision ends in fatal personal injury for 2 people

Head-on collisions can happen for various reasons. Sometimes this type of crash results from circumstances seemingly out of the control of the driver, such as a medical condition or mechanical failure. However, unfortunately, often people who cause these potentially fatal incidents have simply exercised poor judgment of some sort, either prior to or during their time behind the wheel. Earlier in May, in an incident that seems to fall into the latter category, a Massachusetts woman allegedly caused a crash resulting in fatal personal injury for two people.

Reportedly, police began pursuing the woman after noticing her driving her SUV erratically on an Easton road. Prosecutors in the case have said that she was driving at a high speed and then collided with another vehicle. Two people died in the crash. A 77-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the crash scene, and her 79-year-old husband died later in the hospital.

According to the officer, the woman who allegedly caused the accident was dressed in only a sports bra and jeans and was frantic at the scene. Apparently, she then fled the crash site, and witnesses have said they saw her trying to hop into a nearby vehicle. The woman was later found and was arrested. She has pleaded not guilty to two counts of manslaughter. In a recent dangerousness hearing, a judge ordered her held without bail until her next court appearance scheduled for later in June.

This woman now faces very serious charges, and she is already being held accountable in criminal court. Even worse, two people have lost their lives, and the victims’ family members are undoubtedly grieving the loss of their loved ones. Many Massachusetts residents would likely agree that this type of accident can be particularly devastating since it seems to be a direct result of one person’s reckless behavior. In this case, the surviving family has every right to pursue a wrongful death civil lawsuit against the driver. They may consider consulting with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney to discuss options for legal recourse.


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