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Pedestrian hit by bus suffers fatal personal injury

Many Massachusetts residents walk outside as a form of exercise, transportation or even sightseeing. Most of these people likely find walking is an inexpensive, healthy and safe way to get around. However, the latter quality does not always hold true. Pedestrians in areas where motorized vehicles also travel sometimes find walking to be unsafe, and occasionally accidents occur resulting in personal injury or even death. Such was the case in a recent situation in which a pedestrian lost her life.

The incident happened early on a recent Thursday morning in Chelsea. A 60-year-old local woman was out walking, reportedly with another pedestrian, when she was hit by an MBTA bus. Sadly, she did not survive the accident.

The bus driver did not suffer any injuries but was taken to a local hospital for evaluation. According to the Superintendent of the Transit Police Department, the driver had been operating buses for the past 12 years, but he will now be suspended from driving until authorities complete their investigation. As part of the investigation, the driver will be subjected to standard drug and alcohol testing. Transit and state police continue to investigate the crash.

Unfortunately, an activity that seems beneficial and enjoyable can sometimes suddenly become dangerous and end in tragedy. Once authorities complete the investigation, the results may indicate the bus driver’s negligent actions led to the fatality. If this is the case, he will likely face serious charges, but the victim’s family may also consider contacting a Massachusetts personal injury lawyer to discuss their legal options, aside from any criminal charges. A successfully litigated wrongful death lawsuit could provide monetary compensation to alleviate some of the unexpected expenses that tend to follow such a tragedy.


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