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Elderly Massachusetts driver causes serious personal injury

Most people view a driver’s licence as a ticket to freedom, independence and convenient travel, a perception which likely explains why many elderly drivers are so reluctant to hand over their keys. However, some Massachusetts older drivers no longer have the faculties required to safely operate a motor vehicle and should seriously consider the personal injury they may cause others if they continue driving. Unfortunately, such a warning may be too late for an elderly woman who seriously injured another woman in a parking lot.

The incident happened on a recent afternoon in a store parking lot when, according to police, an 80-year-old woman lost control of her vehicle. After leaving the store, a woman was putting her three children in the car when the elderly woman drove her vehicle into the mother, trapping her under the car. The driver also hit and damaged three parked cars.

Firefighters worked to safely remove the woman from under the car, while at least 50 onlookers were on hand. She suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries. Her children were unharmed in the collision. Police cited the driver for speeding and negligent operation of a motor vehicle and want her licence revoked. 

Older drivers should not require a serious collision such as this one to force them to stop driving. Sadly, due to this driver’s seemingly poor judgment and negligent behavior, a Massachusetts mother of three has had to endure physical pain and likely emotional and mental anguish as well. This victim, as well as anyone who has experienced a similar incident, has the right to investigate further legal action. A personal injury attorney with experience in such matters can review individual case details and determine if a civil lawsuit is a viable option.


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