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Accident on Massachusetts Turnpike causes fatal personal injury

Most Massachusetts drivers know all about driving in wintry conditions and understand the need to slow down if roads are covered in snow or ice, or they will simply avoid taking to the roads all together. Unfortunately, some people will drive in any circumstances and will ignore rules of the road that are presumably in place for a good reason, sometimes causing personal injury to others. In a recent accident, a man was killed due to what may have been poor judgment on the part of another driver.

The incident happened very early on a Thursday morning when the driver of a tandem tractor trailer traveling east on the Massachusetts Turnpike lost control of his vehicle and collided with several other vehicles. The driver of a box truck died in the crash. Three other people involved were transported to a local hospital with minor injuries.

According to other drivers who were interviewed following the crash, drivers should be slowing down in icy conditions and should pull over and wait if it seems unsafe to continue driving. State police had lowered the speed limit on the Mass Pike to accommodate the extreme road conditions. As well, apparently, tandem tractor trailers were not permitted on the Mass Pike at that time. Authorities are continuing to investigate the cause of the accident.

In this case, a man lost his life in an incident that was caused by the seemingly reckless actions of another driver. His family is likely enduring a very difficult time right now, grieving the loss of their loved one and also dealing with unexpected expenses, such as funeral costs and loss of future income. If the investigation reveals that the tandem tractor trailer driver’s actions were negligent, this family has the right, under Massachusetts law, to pursue a wrongful death civil lawsuit against him or an entity responsible for his negligent actions. A skilled personal injury attorney can review individual case details and determine if such an option is viable.


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