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Massachusetts woman suffers personal injury in multi-car crash

Most Massachusetts drivers know that driving is a privilege, not a right. While behind the wheel, a person needs to devote all of his or her attention to the act of driving and continually be aware of potential dangers on the path ahead. In addition, a vehicle owner should maintain his or her vehicle in good working order to decrease the chance of an unexpected incident. Unfortunately, a Massachusetts woman who seems to have caused a multi-car crash leading to personal injury may not have adhered to all of these safety measures.

The accident happened on a recent afternoon when a vehicle driven by a 47-year-old woman spun out of control while entering an interstate highway in Middleboro. The car began in the northbound lane, but ended the spin-out pointing southward. At that point, a Cadillac driven by a 55-year-old woman hit the car head-on.

According to police, the Cadillac then spun into the left lane, hitting two other cars in the process. The male drivers of each of those cars were not injured, although their vehicles sustained damage. The drivers of the first two vehicles, both women, were taken to different local hospitals. The 55-year-old was treated for serious injuries, while the 47-year-old was pronounced dead. Authorities are investigating the accident.

Sometimes nothing could have been done to prevent a vehicular accident, but often a tragic ending could have been avoided had a driver taken preventative measures. This incident did not end well for at least two of the people involved in this incident, and sadly, a Massachusetts woman died. However, if the police investigation reveals that driver negligence caused the accident, any of the injured parties have the right to pursue a personal injury civil lawsuit against the deceased woman’s estate. A successfully litigated case could provide monetary relief from the unexpected expenses incurred at such times.


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