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Divorce process often includes alimony negotiations

Massachusetts couples who have decided to split have a great deal to think about from the moment they make that crucial decision to end their marriage to the day they receive their final papers stating their union has been legally dissolved. Many individuals would likely say that child support is one of the more challenging issues to negotiate during the divorce process. For some people, alimony can be an equally contentious topic, particularly if the split is less than amicable. Divorcing individuals who need to visit this topic are smart to know the facts before the discussion begins.

First, an individual entering into alimony negotiations should determine his or her financial picture to use as a starting point, including the estimated cost of the desired lifestyle and future earning capacity. As well, it is important for people to know the laws in their state regarding alimony payments, as this knowledge can help a divorcing individual manage expectations and enter negotiations with realistic goals. It is also important to know that most states do not have standard guidelines for alimony, so factors can be applied differently in each case.

In addition to knowing the facts, it’s best to check emotions before initiating alimony negotiations. People are more likely to achieve their desired outcome, avoid negativity and save on stress if they focus instead on the facts and steps they need to take to get where they want to go. As well, according to an expert in finances and divorce, once the alimony plan is in place legally, divorcing couples should avoid making agreements about changes outside a legal setting, as doing so can lead to a slippery slope. Finally, although in some cases, waiving alimony may make sense, people are wise to first carefully consider the decision to do so, as the topic cannot be revisited later if circumstances change.

When people decide to divorce, they have so many issues to deal with, and many individuals who are in the middle of this process can attest to the great amount of emotional stress that often results from negotiations. Divorcing individuals who arm themselves with the facts are likely to reduce this stress and ultimately reach an agreement that meets their financial needs. A Massachusetts family law attorney can assist people with making important decisions that will affect their financial future.


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