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Massachusetts man accused of drunk driving causes personal injury

Many Massachusetts residents consider walking an effective form of transportation with many benefits: it’s cost-effective, a good form of exercise and relatively safe. However, sometimes, a pedestrian’s safety is compromised by unexpected circumstances. This was the case recently when a man accused of driving under the influence collided with two pedestrians, causing personal injury to both.

The accident happened on a recent Thursday evening when the 24-year-old man hit two female pedestrians, an 18-year-old and her 56-year-old mother. The younger woman hit the car’s windshield so hard she apparently lay on the ground unable to move or speak. Both women were taken to a local hospital, and the teenager was found to have a fractured skull from the incident.

The driver now faces multiple charges and has appeared in court. According to police, his blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit at the scene, and they found front end damage to his vehicle. Authorities also found eight bottles of wine, all opened and some empty, as well as other items suggesting the driver was impaired. According to the defendant, he didn’t see the pedestrians.

This young man now faces several charges, including operating under the influence of liquor causing serious bodily injury, negligent operation of a motor vehicle and a crosswalk violation. These women, a mother and daughter, have also suffered personal injury, which will likely lead to unexpected costs, possibly including loss of income. The injured women may wish to consult with an experienced Massachusetts attorney to inquire about pursuing a personal injury lawsuit in civil court. A successfully litigated case could compensate for some of the monetary losses these women and their family have endured.


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