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Tips for a less painful divorce for Massachusetts couples

Whether a Massachusetts couple decides to separate by mutual agreement, or one partner initiates the split, many decisions need to be made. Although each person likely feels overwhelmed during the time immediately following a breakup, it is important to think clearly and rationally at this time, as the decisions that are made during the separation and divorce process will shape the years to come for all parties involved. Fortunately, an expert offers some practical tips for moving forward effectively.

During what is typically a difficult and highly emotional time, many people tend to focus on getting out of the divorce what seems fair to them. Although it may seem obvious, people are better off seeking clarity on what they actually want and need from the divorce and going from there. In addition, in order to proceed most effectively, divorcing individuals should consider what their soon-to-be ex-spouse really wants and what motivates that person.

As much as emotions are running high during much of the divorce process, it is important to remember that marriage is a legal contract, and that contract is now being terminated. In other words, divorcing individuals are wise to put emotions in check when possible and deal with the termination process from a business perspective. This means people should learn, understand and protect their rights within their state laws so they are more likely to see the results they really want. As well, separated people should access and organize as much of their financial paperwork as possible, preferably prior to beginning the legal process.

Finally, divorcing individuals are strongly encouraged to build a team of experts to provide professional, objective advice throughout the divorce process. This team includes a family law attorney, as well as experts in the financial, tax and even emotional aspects of divorce. While friends and family members care and likely mean well, their advice can sometimes cause more stress and confusion for the divorcing person.

During this time, an individual may find it difficult to make rational decisions and to look ahead with hope. However, those who think clearly now increase the chance of living the future life they desire. For this reason, an experienced family law attorney is an important resource to help separated Massachusetts residents effectively navigate the divorce process.


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