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Grad student cyclist suffers fatal personal injury

Many Massachusetts students own a bicycle as their primary, or only, means of transportation. Although this choice is often necessary due to budget restrictions, many cyclists find a major benefit is the exercise a bike provides. Unfortunately, since cyclists must often share the road with larger vehicles, such as cars and trucks, accidents can occur, often resulting in personal injury or even death. Such a tragedy happened recently at a busy Boston intersection.

The incident took place early one recent Friday morning. According to initial investigation reports, a young male cyclist and a 50-year-old truck driver simultaneously attempted a right turn at the intersection. Tragedy struck when one of the truck’s wheels hit the bicycle as they were making the turn. The bicyclist, a 24-year-old graduate student at nearby Boston University, was transported to a local hospital. However, sadly, he died due to his injuries.

Several bystanders report seeing disturbing images of the accident, as well as some people trying to help in any way they could. As one witness speculated, many other cyclists and pedestrians passing by the accident scene likely saw a scene that could have included them as the victim. One representative of the Boston Cyclist Union says 17 cyclists have been killed in recent years throughout Cambridge and Boston, and a lack of bike lanes is definitely a problem, at least in this case. According to her, the state had promised bike lanes upon completion of a nearby construction project which finished last spring, but this promise has not yet been fulfilled.

Although the investigation is ongoing, at this point, the truck driver has not been charged. Nevertheless, this young student’s life has been cut short, possibly due to negligence. Whether or not charges are filed, the victim’s family has the right to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit through the Massachusetts civil justice system against any person or entity that may be responsible for this tragedy. Of course, nothing will bring their loved one back, but a successfully litigated case can help with unexpected monetary losses that tend to occur at such a time


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