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Divorce can bring changes to holiday schedule

Ending a marriage is rarely easy, no matter how many years a couple has been together. The divorce process means many difficult decisions must be made, not to mention the emotional fallout that most people go through during this time and typically for some time following the final divorce decree. Many divorced people in Massachusetts and elsewhere feel overwhelmed with having to adjust to all the changes in their lives, and this is never truer than during the holiday season. Divorcing or recently divorced individuals may find some comfort from the following tips for making it through the holidays.

For parents, one of the most significant changes resulting from a divorce is that they now must share holiday time with the other parent. This means a parent may not be able to spend time with the children on the actual holiday. However, rather than feeling devastated about missing out on the usual Christmas celebration, parents can accept this new situation for what it is and simply plan to celebrate with the kids on a different day in December. The new plan can be just as festive for everyone, and new traditions can be made.

Divorced individuals who do find themselves alone on a holiday when they are used to celebrating with family may try reframing the experience. Instead of feeling lonely, they can embrace being alone and enjoy activities they may not otherwise make time to do, whether it’s binge-watching their favorite shows or tackling major household projects. It is also important to remember that better times likely lie ahead. For most people, by the time the winter holiday season rolls around again next year, the feelings of frustration and loneliness will be replaced with more positive feelings.

The holiday season may present some particular challenges for many divorcing or divorced Massachusetts residents. However, people who are adjusting to a newly single lifestyle, whether parents or not, are encouraged to enjoy this holiday time and remember its positive purpose rather than wishing it away. Divorcing individuals looking for guidance with all aspects of the divorce process, including decisions involving children, can arrange a consultation with an experienced family law attorney.


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