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Fatal personal injury results when pedestrian and truck collide

Walking can be an excellent type of exercise and a way to breathe in some fresh air and see the sights. For some Massachusetts residents, it is their only form of transportation. However, while walking in areas where motor vehicles are also present, people need to be alert at all times. Sadly, pedestrian accidents are all too common and often result in personal injury or even death to the pedestrian.

For one young Cambridge woman, this situation became her reality on a recent Friday evening. The accident happened at an intersection when a dump truck driver backed up his vehicle and hit the woman, resulting in her death. While the truck driver has been cited for negligent operation of his vehicle, the crash is still under investigation and a court date has not been set.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of pedestrian deaths nationwide is at an all-time high. Thousands of pedestrians lost their lives due to a traffic accident last year, and this young woman has now become part of this statistic, presumably due to driver negligence. Many members of the Cambridge community came to the crash site to leave flowers, pray for the victim and ponder the fragility of life.

A horrific accident such as this can leave a community shaken and wondering how a life can end in the blink of an eye. This truck driver now faces a court appearance and possibly criminal charges, but the victim’s grieving family also has the option of pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit through the civil justice system. Massachusetts families facing similar circumstances may also wish to consider visiting a personal injury lawyer for more information. A successful lawsuit against either a negligent driver or an entity responsible for a negligent driver’s actions can help with recovery of monetary losses that inevitably result from such tragic accidents.


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