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May 2018 Archives

Property division ended on a sour note for Frances Bean Cobain

Splitting up property during a divorce can be an emotionally charged ordeal. Many physical items hold significance for their owners, and letting go of a treasured possession may make an already difficult process more cumbersome. Addressing property division in a prenuptial agreement is a smart choice for most Massachusetts couples. Otherwise, they might find themselves in a difficult position, like the one that Frances Bean Cobain recently handled.

Delayed Injury: Why You Still Can Seek Damages.

You just got in a car accident. You could have been rear-ended or the other driver went thru a red light and hit you. After the initial shock, you may experience immediate pain from a broken bone, or felt the impact from your face striking the airbag that just deployed. Sometimes, however, it may not be so obvious that you sustained a serious injury. You may have declined an ambulance or medical attention at the scene of the crash. Days or even weeks later symptoms may develop and worsen. You could have sustained serious internal injuries that were initially ignored or brushed off as minor. It's a familiar scenario, but it does not mean you cannot seek compensation for your personal injuries.

Social media may play a role in your divorce, are you prepared?

Prenuptial agreements are nothing new, but ever-evolving technology seems to be changing how Massachusetts couples use these important documents. This may be especially true for younger couples who are more adept at engaging in online activities, particularly social media. Most people can minimize any potential distress caused by social media during a divorce by addressing its usage prior to saying "I do."

Property division does not have to be painful

Divorce is a complex undertaking, and many couples find they are not prepared for the challenges involved in obtaining a fair settlement. When it comes to property division, Massachusetts law is based on an equitable division of property. Reaching an equitable division is not always easy, but experts offer some advice on how to go through the process with grace and dignity.

Making the difficult decision to file for divorce

For many couples in Massachusetts, the decision to end the marriage can be torturous. It may be difficult to discern if the troubles they are going through are simply a rough patch or signals that the marriage has run its course. They may spend months or years in an unhappy marriage because they are afraid that filing for divorce would be a mistake. While there is no magic formula to help someone decide to stay put or move on to a new life, there are some factors to consider that may tip the scale one way or another.

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