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Real estate disputes continue for family after divorce

When a Massachusetts couple is considering a divorce, one of the areas that may need to be addressed is property division. Depending on how long the couple has been married and how much property has been accumulated over the years, this may complicate matters. For an elderly couple several states away with substantial property, their divorce has been riddled with real estate disputes.

The prominent real estate family started their business at a humble kitchen table and now have properties estimated at a value of $500 million. The couple had been married for 70-years before the wife filed for divorce in 2016. Over the decades, the pair built their estate together into a lucrative business. Now divorced, there have been contentious disputes in court as they try to split key properties evenly.

The couple has attempted to find common ground by agreeing on some parts of their ownership. Unfortunately, the 90 and 89-year-old exes cannot agree on a greater portion of the worth of their properties, either overvalued or undervalued depending on the point of view. If it’s not the value of the property being disputed, one or the other is unwilling to part ways with particular properties.

Though officially divorced, the elderly couple’s separate lives are stalled as they continue to wrestle in court today to divide their assets. Massachusetts couples facing potential real estate disputes in a divorce should consider seeking the counsel of a knowledgeable divorce attorney. An attorney can provide more information and guidance in regard to property division and other family law concerns.

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