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Forged divorce results in more legal trouble

When a Massachusetts couple decides to end their marriage, it can place an intense strain on them. The stress of divorce can bring out the worst in a spouse. Sometimes this results in a husband or wife trying to force a personally favorable outcome without the advice of legal counsel. In turn, proceeding with an unlawful action can result in more legal trouble in the long run. Recently a man in another state came under scrutiny when it was discovered he had forged his divorce.

After agreeing to the divorce, the ex-wife states her husband forged her signature on their divorce papers. In doing so, he also altered the amount of child support he is required to pay, lowering the amount several hundred dollars. In addition, he added more weeks of visitation with his son during the summer. After the discovery of the forgery, the ex-husband plead guilty to perjury.

The forged divorce was then reversed. However, because of the husband’s actions, he was then ordered to pay more child support than the amount originally agreed upon, and his visitation rights were revoked. In addition, he was directed to pay his ex-wife’s legal fees required for correcting the fraudulently filed divorce.

It will prove beneficial to enlist the advice of legal counsel when considering divorce. To avoid making detrimental mistakes under stress, the guidance of a Massachusetts attorney will help to navigate through the proceedings properly.  If a client is unhappy with the arrangements of a child support, alimony or visitation rights, an attorney can contest for the benefit of the client.

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