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Shared child custody proves beneficial

Divorce can be complicated, especially when a child is involved. If nothing else can be agreed upon between the separating couple, one thing should be settled: do what is best for the child. Traditionally, child custody was awarded to the mother full time, while the father shared part-time responsibility. However, many modern-day families, including those in Massachusetts, are choosing different custody options after divorce in order to bring more stability to the child.

Studies have shown that when divorced parents are equally active in their child’s life, there are less behavioral and psychological problems developed at a young age. One family is taking the nontraditional approach to child custody. The family refers to their shared home with their two teenage children as “the nest” where the parents switch in and out of the home every two weeks. Therefore, the parents are able to share equal time and provide stability for their children.

However, sharing a home with an ex-spouse can pose many problems. There are concerns of privacy as well potential arguments based on the state of the home when left to the next parent. Instead, many have chosen to live separately, but agree to divide the time and responsibility with their child equally.

Massachusetts couples who are considering separating will most likely seek the best child custody scenario for their child for life after divorce. In some cases, a more traditional route for custody may be in the best interest of the child versus the modern-day interpretation. There is no cookie-cutter solution for every divorce involving a child. However, an attorney can help reach an agreement that is best for his or her client and also honors the best interests of any children involved.

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